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Pauline's World

Adventures in Writing

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After escaping from small town northern Ontario to Toronto, I studied film, English and astrophysics at the U of T. I spent two years in the wilds of Madison, Wisconsin doing an M.A. in film before returning to Canada.

I've studied Cantonese and Mandarin, and attended film festivals on three continents. I have a blue belt in Hap Ki Do, am a sometime student of Tai Chi, and was on the U of T varsity fencing team at the grand old age of thirty. My first job was as a book store clerk, which turned out to be not nearly as glamorous as I'd hoped, and I've since worked as a short order cook, a bank teller, an editor, a teacher, an SGML analyst, and a cashier at a racetrack. I pay the mortgage by doing technical training at a law book publisher. (In fact, I'm the whole technical training department.) What I really want to do when I grow up (when is that again?) is write, and this journal will mostly cover my adventures in writing and publishing.

I live in Toronto with my husband and young daughter, one cat, three swords, and far too many books.